Luc-Alain GiraldeauMy research focuses on animal behaviour. I use a behavioural ecological approach, which means that I try to understand how the ecology of a species has helped to shape its behavioral characteristics. The behaviors that interest me most are those related to foraging, or how animals find and exploit their food. In particular, I am interested in the challenges faced by animals who forage in groups.

News from the Lab

Luc-Alain's new book, 'Dans l'oeil du pigeon', has been released in Québec.

Launch of Luc-Alain's new book, 'Dans l'oeil du pigeon', at l'UQAM.

Luc-Alain's new book, 'Dans l'oeil du pigeon', has been released in France.

'Zebra finches scrounge more when patches vary in quality: experimental support of the linear operator learning rule' par M Afshar, CL Hall et L-A Giraldeau
vient de paraître dans Animal Behaviour (105:181-186)

Luc-Alain talks about pigeons in the Montréal Gazette.

See Luc-Alain on Second Regard, Radio-Canada Television.

Luc-Alain will be on the Nature of Things on November 20.

Luc-Alain receivde the prix Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 2014 of the Société française pour l'étude du comportement animal (SFECA).

Listen to Luc-Alain on Bien dans son assiette and Médium large on Radio Canada (in french only). See the links on the page Publications: media.

See Luc-Alain's Ted talk at TEDxMontreal"What we can learn from pigeons".

Luc-Alain will appear on the show Bien dans son assiette on Radio Canada on September 5.

Luc-Alain received the "Prix d'excellence en recherche et création, volet carrière" from the Université du Quebec.

'Ecological and behavioral approaches to search behavior' by Hutchinson et al. In : Cognitive search : Evolution, Algorithms, and the Brain, now available from MIT Press

'We can study how mechanisms evolve without knowing the rules of chess or the workings of the brain' by Fawcett, S et al. now available online in Behavioral Ecology.

'Evidence of social information on food location in a ring-billed gull colony but the birds don't use it' by Racine et al now out in Animal Behaviour.

'Frequency-dependent payoffs and sequential decision-making favour consistent tactic use.' by Dubois et al now out in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

'Personality and body condition have additive effects on motivation to feed in Zebra Finches Taeniopygia guttata' by David et al, now out in Ibis

'Zebra finches in poor condition produce more and consume more food in a social foraging game.' by M. David & L-A Giraldeau just out in Behavioral Ecology (23(1) :174-180)

'When More is More' by Luc-Alain Giraldeau just out in Science (18 November 2011: Vol. 334 no. 6058 pp. 910-911).

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